Translate the following words and word combinations and make sentences using them. Here is the review. Skin can protect you from diseases. Match the vitamins with their chemical names. Get ready to comment such serious endocrine system disease as diabetes.

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Based on asy comments, it looks like it is affected users all over the world. Say whether the following sentences are true or false.

III. Read and translate the text.

Correct mistakes in the following statements. Are the statements true or false? Find the English equivalent for the following Ukrainian words and pharmacsits combinations. In pairs, act out a dialogue.

English for Pharmacists. Англійська для фармацевтів — Процюк І. Є…

Read the text closely, define the main thought of each paragraph. Write sentences about Oleksandr Bohomolets. Профюк through the text and define its main idea.

Write out the key sentences of the text. Duties of the pharmacist in a pharmacy.


IV. Language development.

Прочитайте текст, не використовуючи словник. A disease is a sickness. В таких случаях эта программа станет вашим хорошим помощником и с помощью неё вам удастся сделать. Study the information on how to write argumentative essays.

На разборке могут подсунуть такое фуфло что и стоит, и проблема не исчезнет. Наша аудитория это люди, которые в силу возраста учатся, это люди, которые открыты.

Check how well you understand the text by answering the following questions. Making a Health Plan. Find substitutes for the following terms: Is this your first time here?

English For Pharmacists?

А в магазине вы упадете в обморок от стоимости этого блока. Книга в хорошем состоянии. The following suffixes combine with verbs to form adjectives. It s Ostap Bender here.

Please contact the cashier on 2nd floor and bring the receipt to get your medicine at Pharmacy department. Say whether the following statements are true using: What would be an ideal job for you? Use one of them twice. Low voltage indication and Подробнее. Small living things are called germs. Complete the dialogue with the words and word combinations from the list below and act it out.


Correct the following statements.

Для фармацевтов

И если вы находитесь в другой стране, расспрашивать о товарах и ценах на своем языке. Then, switch the roles. Make your own sentences with the idioms.